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Fault Finding


RCD tripping unexpectedly?


Socket, switch or light stopped working?


Other concerns regarding your electrical system?


You can rely on the expertise of Shrewsbury Electrical Services

to resolve these quickly and efficiently.


Call us today and we will arrange a convenient time for our expert technician to visit, identify the issue, and, if possible, make the necessary repairs immediately.


If the repairs are of a larger scale, our technician will be able to provide a time / cost estimate for the work to be undertaken.


In either case, we will always ensure you are given a full explanation of what has caused your problems and what needs to be done to resolve the issues.

We recognise that a partial or complete loss of power can seem like an emergency, and, in some cases, may genuinely be so.


We do not offer a formal 24 hour service, but please feel free to contact us at any time with your electrical issues, and if possible we will provide immediate assistance.


If we are unable to do so we will book you in for a visit from our Inspection and Testing Technician at the very earliest opportunity.