Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R.)


This is an "M.O.T." for your electrical system.

Please view this excellent video from our friends at Efixx which outlines the process and the rationale behind it.

It should be carried out every 10 years or upon sale of the house.


(Landlords see here for details of your legal obligation to have an E.I.C.R. completed every five years)


It offers peace of mind by proving that your electrical installation is safe for continued use.


It can also help to achieve the best price should you choose to move house.*


If looking to buy your new home, it is to be strongly advised that you arrange for an E.I.C.R. before completion to avoid unexpected costs in the future.

Home surveys do not include a detailed inspection of the electrical system.


At best will be limited to a visual check of a couple of switches. This is simply insufficient to identify whether it is truly safe or in need of remedial work.

This requires an electrical expert, with specialist equipment and training.


Not all electricians, even those registered with an "Aproved Scheme" are qualified to undertake this work.

(Click for detail on what to ask for when booking your E.I.C.R.)


Shrewsbury Electrical Services would be delighted to provide a personal quotation to undertake this work for you.

Our Inspection and Testing Technician holds all the relevant qualifications for Inspection and Testing, is a member of the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT), and the government backed Trustmark Scheme, so you can be sure of receiving the best possible service.

*If selling, you can show potential purchasers an up to date E.I.C.R with a clean bill of health, they will know that they will not be facing a potential bill for thousands of pounds for rewiring and redecorating costs before they can even move in. Without this they may well want to negotiate your asking price down to take account of these "hidden"costs.

Click here for further details of what is involved in the E.I.C.R. process.