Inspection and Testing

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Whether it be fault finding, due for example, to an RCD tripping, faulty light fittings or a faulty switch, or scheduled Inspection and Testing of a whole installation, Shrewsbury Electrical Services offer you the highest level of safety, excellence and service.

Inspection and Testing, including the Electrical Installation Condition Report, is one of the most fundamental and important of all the jobs that Shrewsbury Electrical Services undertake, and yet it is one of the most overlooked by householders in the United Kingdom.


Just like anything else, the electrical system in our homes and premises deteriorate with time. This means that they can become dangerous, increasing the chances of electrical faults or even fire.


It is easy to believe that because we can not see the equivalent of a dripping tap, that our electrical system is functioning safely.


However, around 7,000 fires a year in the U.K. are the result of electrical faults, and many of these could be prevented by ensuring our systems are checked in accordance with the recommended timescales.


It is recommended that domestic properties should be inspected at least every 10 years or on change of ownership.


You might think that you had the electrical installation of your house checked when you had a survey undertaken before completion.

However, even the most thorough of home surveys does not normally include more than a visual check of a very limited number of sockets and switches.


This is simply insufficient to identify whether it is truly safe or in need of remedial work to ensure ongoing safety. This requires an electrical expert, with specialist equipment and training.


Our Inspection and Testing Technician is extremely highly qualified, holding qualifications for inspection and testing of all electrical installations, and being a member of the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT), and the government backed Trustmark Scheme. 


Most of us have our gas boiler and appliances serviced annually, being well aware of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning from a poorly functioning unit.


However, when did you last have the electrical services in your home tested? How do you know whether it is still safe for you and your loved ones?


Even the most expertly installed systems can deteriorate with time, and only expert testing and inspection can reveal many of these faults before the results become potentially devastating.


For details of what is involved in a domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report click here, or contact us for further details.


For commercial / industrial premises the inspection interval varies according to the nature of the site and installation, but is more regularly than domestic properites - please contact us for further details if you are unsure of the legal requirements for your premises.