Only Trust a Real Expert

Not all electricians are the same!

Not all electricians, even members of approved schemes, are specifically qualified to carry out Electical Installation Condition Reports (E.I.C.R.).

Our Inspection and Testing Technician holds the required qualification and we are always happy to provide evidence of this.

Please do ask to see his Level 3 Award in

"The Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations" *.

This, unfortunately, means that you will find many electricians offering a cheaper E.I.C.R,** but not undertaking a complete and thorough inspection, and not having a sufficient understanding of the necessary criteria to give you an accurate report, and so guarantee your safety.


Simply being a member of an "approved scheme" does not make an electrician competent to carry out this work.

* The required qualification (see above) is, quite rightly, one of the most demanding that can be undertaken.


Few electricians will put themsleves forward for the course / examination, and less than 50% of those that do will be successful!

If you should consider employing someone else to undertake your E.I.C.R., be sure to check that the on-site electrician holds the relevant qualification and registration.


We are proud to say that,





Our "3 Point Guarantee" means you can relax, knowing that the work will be carried out thoroughly, professionally and honestly.

You can, therefore, be sure that when engaging our services, you will be receiving the highest levels of "Safety, Excellence and Service" at all times.

With this in mind, why not contact us today to book your E.I.C.R.?


** Some will also cut the price of the E.I.C.R. with the intention of making their money by "finding faults" which require urgent attention and expecting to pick up the resulting work.


You are under no obligation to retain our services to correct any issues which are identified by the thorough inspection and testing process carried out by our expert technician, all of which will be clearly explained to you, including, where appropriate, with the use of photographs.


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