RCD Health Check for just £45

Why should I get an RCD Health Check?

An RCD is a device that is designed to provide protection against electrocution by cutting off the flow of electricity automatically when it senses a ‘leakage’ of electric current from a circuit.

To appreciate the importance of an RCD it is helpful to understand how much electrical energy it takes to kill a human being.


The smallest fuse used in a normal electric plug is 3 Amps; it takes less than one twentieth of that current to kill an adult in less than one tenth of a second.


40mA (a twenty-fifth of an amp) or more – flowing through the human body can cause irreversible damage to the normal cardiac cycle (‘ventricular fibrillation’) or death (‘electrocution’).

If disconnection takes place within 40ms fibrillation / electrocution is unlikely to occur.


Household RCDs, usually rated at 30mA, are designed to disconnect the supply within 40ms at 150mA and within 300ms at 30mA tripping to protect the user.

A fuse or circuit-breaker alone will not provide protection against these effects.


So, a fully operational RCD can literally be a "lifesaver".

However, just like any other mechanical device, they can fail.

Our RCD Health Check includes specialised testing which will ensure that your RCDs are fully operational, and are still going to disconnect the supply before fibrillation / electrocution can occur in the event of a fault.

It will also check that the RCDs have not become "over sensitive", disconnecting the supply unnecessarily, leading to "nuisance tripping".

For £45 we will carry out a full test of two RCDs in a single Consumer Unit (fuseboard), giving you peace of mind that if the worst should happen, you and your family are safe.

So why not take advantage of our our RCD Health Checks? Call now to book.