Oven Install

Installing new ovens is a routine job, but as with all our work, one which we take great pride in completing.

This particular project, although straightforward, was one of the most satisfying.

We were contacted by a client in her 80's to undertake some minor work on her lighting and smoke alarm systems. While completing these it became apparent that since moving into the property 18 months earlier, she had not cooked a single hot meal!

Her built in electric oven had been fitted above head height (point A on the picture left), and would have required her to stand on a step to access it, putting her at risk of a nasty fall along with the chance of hot fat from a baking tray landing on her!

The gas hob (point B) was fully functional, but having only cooked with electric in her previous home, the client was unwilling to use it and considered it to be dangerous.

Shrewsbury Electrical Services worked with the client to select an electric cooker that she would be confident to use, taking care of the purchase, delivery and registration of warranty.

We also sourced a trusted Gas Safe engineer to safely isolate and blank off the gas supply, before removing the gas hob.

We then remodelled the kitchen layout (recycling / relocating the existing doors, drawers and fittings) having discussed at length with our client how it would best suit her specific needs, and installed her brand new cooker.

The result is not spectacular to look at, but it has meant that for the first time in 18 months our client has been able to cook her own hot food and entertain her friends and family with meals once again.

Shrewsbury Electrical Services is a family run business with traditional family values, and we care about all our clients. This project gave us a great opportunity to use our skills and experience to make a real difference, and it was a great pleasure to work so closely with such a lovely lady!