Electrical Installations

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Whether you want a single new socket, a light fitting changed, new switches installed, a new consumer unit / fuseboard, or a complete rewire on any size of property, we can undertake the full design, installation, testing and certification process to ensure that the work not only meets your requirements, but also those of the most current I.E.T. Wiring Regualtions, and Part P of the building regulations.


From the simplest task to the most challenging, Shrewsbury Electrical Services can offer a bespoke, affordable solution, including innovative design ideas to ensure you get what you want, and we meet our obligations in relation to the regulations.


Without this design and certification, there is no way of knowing that your installation is safe for you and your family, and it may leave you liable for a hefty bill in the future if selling your property and the purchasers require evidence of compliance with the wiring / building regulations.

If you have ever had any additional wiring carried out and not received certificates, including a set of test results, the work has not been completed correctly. No electrician should start work on your installation without first conducting some basic tests, for example checking  for a safe and correct earth connection, including bonding to incoming services such as water, gas and oil. This must be reflected in the certification documents issued to you upon completion.


If you have been let down in this way, we strongly recommend having the work thoroughly checked. Shrewsbury Electrical Services can carry out all the necessary testing to confirm safety (or advise on what needs to be done to make safe), and although we can not issue retrospective certification for such work, we will issue full test results, giving you peace of mind and the ability to pass these on to a purchaser should you be moving in the future. Should additional work be required to bring the installation up to standard we will, of course, issue full certification for works that we carry out.


Please contact us today, no matter how big or small your project, and we will discuss you personal requirements with you in detail, explaining in full how we have designed your installation to meet all necessary regulations, while providing you with a value for money solution.

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