Lighting Project


In a 1930's detached house in Shrewsbury, there had been issues with the lighting circuit overheating. After we had carried out our Inspection and Testing, it was evident that the cable insulation had deteriorated beyond a safe point. The circuit required rewiring.


The main lounge of the property is two formerly separate rooms knocked into one, lit by 2 single pendant light fittings. 


The owner decided that this was an ideal time to have the whole room made more contemporary while still retaining a classical feel. They wanted to move from 2 single pendants to 3 rows of 6 downlights, and rewire and redecorate the whole room.


However, during the planning phase for this installation it became apparent that the joists of the 2 rooms converted to one were out of line to a degree that the 3 lights in one half could not be aligned with the other (see the image below). This was due to the requirement for downlights to have a specified clear area above and around the internal fitting to comply with fire safety regulations.

Electricians in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Electrical Services are committed to adhering to all relevant regulations, and will never take "shortcuts" or "turn a blind eye" to these vital safety requirements.


Therefore, it was time for a little innovation, The solution?

Shrewsbury Electrical Services designed, built and installed 2 lighting "islands", allowing the lights in both sections of the room to be aligned, while also creating a striking feature.

To provide "mood lighting" we also installed LED lights to each side of the islands, switching independently from the main lights, unfortunately we do not currently have any images of these to share.


The lights in the alcoves also switch independently from the main islands, and the client intends to install 2 glass shelves in each to display their collection of figurines, lit from above as shown.


The outcome meets all the design crieria, providing a contemporary appearance while also meeting all wiring and buidling regulations.