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Our 3 Point Inspection and Testing Guarantee


Whether it be a one off job or part of our Bespoke Electrical Care Packages we guarantee;

1) that inspection work will only be carried out by our Inspection and Testing Technician who;

  • is a member of the Government backed Trustmark scheme.


Please do not hesitate to ask for evidence of these qualifications, or visit the Scheme websites to verify our credentials before engaging our services .


We recommend you ask this of any contractor you consider engaging, and specifically of the technician undertaking the inspection - the Level 3 Inspection and Testing qualification is a prerequisite of some insurance policies etc.

2) to undertake a thorough, rigorous and professional inspection of the installation and provide a full and accurate report upon conclusion.

3) that our single goal is to ensure a full and accurate report is produced, not to find or generate “non-compliances” (faults) which might lead to further work and income for our company.