C.C.T.V. Monitoring


Once the preserve of large industrial locations, C.C.T.V. in and around the home is now very much an affordable reality, especially with systems installed and maintained by Shrewsbury Electrical Services.


As you may already have read on our Alarm Systems page, our Company Director was the victim of a home burglary in 2008. After the event a home alarm system was installed providing peace of mind that in the event of a further such crime the perpetrators would quickly be disturbed and forced from the scene of their crime.


However, it was the installation of a C.C.T.V. system, with remote monitoring from almost any smartphone, computer or tablet, that has provided the greatest reassurance. Now able to monitor the premises from almost anywhwere, at any time of the day or night, there is no need to wait for potential intruders to enter your premises.


Many affordable C.C.T.V. systems can be set to alert you instantly via e-mail or text in the event of a "trigger event", i.e. a motion detection, and you can view live feed from the home cameras whenever you choose, thus allowing you to contact the relevant parties, including, if necessary, the police at the earliest opportunity.


Shrewsbury Electrical Services can install a wide range of systems to suit your individual needs. Our free, no obligation home visit and quotation will allow us to ensure you have the right system at the right price.