Home Alarm Systems


Unfortunately, our company director was himself a victim of a house burglary back in 2008, and for this reason we fully understand the importance of an effective, yet cost efficient, home alarm system. He fitted an alarm system too late, "after the horse had bolted", but the family home has been safe and free from such despicable acts since.


We recommend and fit Yale alarm systems, such as the HSA App Enabled Wireless Alarm System. This particular version minimises installation costs by virtue of its wireless operation, while ensuring maximum security benefit through features such as access via your smart phone, zonal setting so that, for example, the downstairs can be monitored at night, while the upstairs is free for family members to move around (perhaps for those inevitable calls of nature) without triggering an alarm.





The alarm system, which holds 3 auto-dial alert telephone numbers for contacting you if the alarm is activated, can be set and unset by phone, allowing part arming of the system. It includes tamper warning protection, and can be expanded with up to 20 Yale devices, available separately.


Its main features include:


  • Zone Control for Part-Arming

  • Expand System with up to 20 Accessories

  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)

  • Send Push Notifications to a Smart Device

  • Works with iPhone & Android

  • Loud External Siren


Shrewsbury Electrical Services will be happy to visit your home and prepare a

no obligation personalised quotation, according to your individual needs,

including the fitting of other systems if deemed more appropriate to your needs.


For maximum security and peace of mind we strongly recommend a combined home

security system of both dial out alarm and remote monitored (via smartphone / tablet etc) C.C.T.V. system.